Fall Crafts You’d Actually Try

With fall just a couple of weeks away (and depending on your level of crazy holiday festiveness), you might be itching to start some fall crafts. The only appropriate next step would be for me to round up some fun, boho inspired fall crafts, so here ya go! I have my eye on that ghost wall hanging first 😆

Ghost Wall Hanging – These are ADORABLE. Seriously, the cutest! I can’t wait to try these out. How cute would it be on a front door?

Pumpkin Nails – Here’s a cute nail craft for a very patient fall crafter 😂 Original source: Buzzfeed.com (original link is unavailable)

Leaf Clay Dish – This is such a great idea for a key catcher, jewelry bowl, candle plate, or possibly even a coaster depending on your leaf shape.

Gold Acorns – These would be so easy! All you would need is painter’s tape, acorns, and gold paint. I can’t wait to try these out! Original source: Etsy.com (original link unavailable)

Pumpkin Pie Garland – Perfect Friendsgiving decor 🍗

Pumpkin Tassels – Such a cute, simple way to make a pumpkin fit into your home decor a little better. Here’s an easy tassel tutorial. Original source: Landeelu.com (original link unavailable)

Macrame Hanging Pumpkin – If you aren’t in the mood for making one, I always find the cutest, inexpensive macrame plant holders at Ross, Marshall’s, and/or Tj Maxx – Home Goods.

Milky Way Inspired Pumpkin – AHH, I am obsessing over this carving idea! It’s absolutely gorgeous. Can you imagine how beautiful it would be at night? Also, this simpler design would be perfect for someone who maybe isn’t so great at pumpkin carving. I can’t wait to try this and make some of the circles moons and small stars!

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