Clean, Boho Inspired Nursery

10 months later I have finally come around to snapping some pictures of Bennett’s nursery to share! My home style is along the lines of clean, bohemian with modern touches, so that vibe naturally made its way into Bennett’s room.

I am so happy with the room now, but it took me several tries to get the overall layout and style right. You just never know how things are going to look together ya know?

When purchasing larger items, (i.e. – furniture, rugs, chairs, etc.) I think it’s important to select more basic, neutral pieces. It saves money and makes it so much easier to redecorate down the road. Plus it’s less stressful when you only need to switch up your accents and soft goods to freshen up the room versus trying to replace everything. I stuck to this for the most part other than the rug that I couldn’t live without. I promised Matt that I would use it somewhere else in our house one day, so it was justified haha.

I initially wanted a different more neutral dresser, but after thinking about it, the room really needed a pop of color, so my mom helped refinish this dresser gifted from Matt’s parents and it turned out to be such a beautiful accent with the rug! Also, I love the little nicks and dings that make it even more special like Matt’s little kid scribble on the drawer.

I really wanted a mobile above the crib. That was a huge starter piece when I began decorating and picking out pieces for the room. If you have done any research on mobiles they are SO expensive for a reason that I do not understand. I ended up making the one pictured for less than $10.

I also was really particular about the closet organization LOL. When things look organized and together I feel more organized and together! So, enter the various baskets and the size organizers which were a great find at Hobby Lobby. I’m sure you can order them on Amazon too.

I am looking forward to the more boyish, dinosaur, monster truck stage, but for now here is my clean, minimal boho inspired nursery!

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