Cozy Up Your Work Space

Today, I am excited to share some tips on creating the perfect cozy work space. Don’t get me wrong, most days I are completely consumed in my clean and minimal work space, but some days you just need to crawl into a warm, inviting nook to be most productive. Switching up your work environment is great way to spark creativity and strengthen your focus. All you need is a few items to turn any small space into a cozy nook:

Greenery | A plant or two is the perfect addition to not just a small nook, but any room. The added natural element completely transforms a space making it feel refreshing and crisp.

Texture | A throw pillow, blanket, or rug is a must when it comes to easy comfort. It not only makes the space feel more relaxing, but also makes it look more visually together.

Light | Adding a warm table or floor lamp is also key to pulling together this comfy space. Whether it be the middle of the day or night, you need to be ready whenever inspiration strikes and often alternative light source is required.

Surface | Working on your lap is only ideal for a couple hours, so to really take your space to the next level I recommend investing in a lap desk or functional end table that can double as a work top.

Check out some inspirational pics below that represents my perfect cozy corner, plus some additional Pinterest finds that I just couldn’t keep to myself.



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