Minimize Your Work Space

There is nothing more unmotivating than walking into a cluttered work space. Maintaining a clean work area makes brainstorming and getting a project done 10x easier, so today, I’m sharing a few of my favorite and super easy ways to minimize your office!

Clean your desk top… yes your digital desktop too!

You will feel more motivated and excited to work at a clean desk. Start by moving every item except the necessities off the desk and group related items together, deciding which to keep and toss. Now, take some time to decide the best type of storage container that would best fit those items.

Don’t forget about your computer or laptop! Your digital desktop is just as important as your actual desk. Repeat the process as you did for the items on your desk: group related items in folders together streamlining the documents as much as possible.

Add some greenery and natural light

Adding some plants and natural light is one of the easiest ways to liven up a space! Pick out some indoor plants that will fit comfortably in your office without taking over the room. Next, open up those shades and let in the light! No window? Depending on how large your space is, take some time to shop around and find a good desk and/or floor lamp for the room. Once you have decided on a couple lighting options, make sure to pick up light bulbs that imitate natural light.

Find some minimal storage solutions

Remember those desk items that you set to the side? Now is the time to find them a new home, and keep your desk clear for good. Whether your clutter contains mostly papers, books, office supplies, or all of the above I have some great storage solution inspiration to best fit your work space. Check out some of my favorite office organizers below!

Cubbies + baskets to store larger items without the visible clutter


Wire paneling to organize documents while also viewing them as a collection


Over the desk shelving + boxes to store files and larger items without the clutter


Minimal drawer set for office supplies + files


Greenery + natural light

green+natural ligh

Cork wall for mood boards or viewing a collection of documents at once

corkboard wall

Click image to view source.

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