Tips On Starting A Biz While Working 9-5

Starting a business or brand while working full time is hard work, but not impossible. It takes a ton of patience, self-motivation, and endurance. I have a few pieces of advice for those thinking about starting their own business, but are feeling conflicted because of their full-time job.

First things first, establish a work schedule outside of your normal 9-5 schedule. Yes, I know this sounds gruesome, but you don’t have to spend another 8 hours working, just set a day/time that realistically fits into your schedule. It could be every other day for 1 hour or twice a week for 3 hours. The key is to set a schedule that is totally doable, so you won’t feel completely overwhelmed.

“Remember not to compare your chapter 1 to someone else’s chapter 20.”

After you have committed to a schedule, take plenty of time brainstorming and solidifying your brand‘s name, logo, vision, motives, initiatives, etc. This will make the process of “starting” your business so much easier. Plus, you will always have this strategy to refer back to if you lose direction.

Start a website. This is a great way to get your brand out there without having to spend a ton of money. WordPress and Squarespace offer free website templates that are fairly easy to get set up. Starting a website, especially if you have never before, can feel very foreign and frustrating, but remain patient. Take time to read the support forums and build a quality website… You’ll thank yourself later!

“Don’t forget to celebrate wins both big and small.”

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