10 Pointers On Building Better Relationships

As the celebratory day of love, also known as Valentine’s Day, approaches, I’d like to reflect on the consequential side of the ridiculously over sized teddy bears, assorted chocolates, and cheesy dates.

Valentine’s Day is a day of romance, and a display of your love and appreciation to the ones closet to you. This day would be nonexistent without people devoted to building relationships. We meet so many people throughout our lifetime, but how many do we actually take the time to craft a meaningful relationship with?

Today I am sharing 10 pointers to help restore and strengthen your relationships, whether it be with your partner, coworkers, best friends, or family members.

10 Ways to Improve your Relationships

1. Listen

Let them talk and you listen. Make it a habit to hear people out, and show interest in their words, communicating that you care.

2. Don’t nag

After spending enough time together, you are bound to find some frustrating and annoying things that really get under your skin. Of course it’s okay to make people aware of your frustrations, but try not to nag. It brings nothing positive into a relationship.

3. Be kind

Genuinely care about those around you, and do things to show that you appreciate them no matter how big or small the notion is. Do something just because! Give them a compliment, clean the dishes, or take them out for drinks.

4. One-on-one time

Make one-on-one time a priority. You never really get to know someone until it is just you and them with no one else to interfere or carry the conversation. Go for lunch, call them up, or spend time doing something that you both enjoy.

5. Forgive and forget

This pointer is probably the hardest, but also the most significant. If you find yourself in an argument or disagreement, speak what’s on your mind, work it out, or agree to disagree. Then, move on and don’t look back. Carrying those frustrations and grudges will build up overtime creating a wall between the two of you.

6. Be patient

Good things come with time. With that being said, it’s important to be patient with people. Relationships are about building trust and really understanding each other which is not something that happens overnight.

7. Respect one another

Tune in to the way you speak to people. Whether you are talking sports, folding laundry, or explaining a process, be respectful of their thoughts and remember that just because their opinions may not align with yours, doesn’t mean that it’s wrong.

8. Be supportive

Along with relationships, life is no walk in the park. We all have to make difficult decisions, celebrating our wins and learning from our mistakes. Sustaining a relationship requires mental and physical support through the ups and downs. Just remember that in most cases what you give is what you get in return, so make it a priority to be supportive whether you agree or disagree.

9. Don’t make assumptions

As humans, we naturally access our situations and surroundings, relying on our instincts to give us direction. All this to say, don’t be so quick to judge before you know any of the real details.

10. Be honest

Honesty is the cornerstone of any interpersonal relationship because it builds trust. With trust we are able to make a more impactful connection with people, making the relationship feel more open and transparent.

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