Lauren Nicole Co. Stationery

I have recently discovered the most chic and meaningful stationery brand… If you are as obsessed with stationery as I am then let’s just say… you’re in for a treat!

Lauren Nicole Co. is based in Nashville, TN and founded by Lauren Sauder, who I have had the pleasure of meeting and I must say is such a sweet, down to earth human being. Lauren’s style, beliefs, and visions for the company are so clearly visible in each design. Her sole vision for the company is to simply encourage a life well lived and full of inspiring possibility through effortless design and modern stationery.

Lauren Nicole Co. just recently rolled out with several NEW Holiday Designs and the highly anticipated Any-Year Classic Planner! First, can I just say, this planner has the absolute best design. Whether you are a student, working woman, or momma bear, this planner could easily fit into anyone’s lifestyle. It has all of the little details that you want in a planner and none of the extra fluff that you end up tearing out or never using. The Any-Year Planner is the perfect size, so it will easily fit into your work bag or purse PLUS it is neutral colored, which may sound like a weird plus, but hey, a girl needs her planner to match everything 🙂




Needless to say, Lauren Nicole Co. is a MUST try for all of you stationery lovers out there and also makes for the perfect gift with the holiday season coming up. Check out the site and look them up on social @laurennicoleco to stay up to date on new products and promotions!

I hope you enjoy the products just as much as I have! Have you used Lauren Nicole Co.’s products? I want to hear your thoughts —> comment on this post or my latest instagram post.


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