5 Things You Should Be Doing In College

If you are in college, congrats! You’ve taken the first leap into your career. Some of you reading this may be thinking that your career hasn’t started yet, but it’s actually quite the opposite.

Once you graduate, life gets real and fast. You will come to realize that finding your dream job isn’t as simple or glamorous as people have made it out to be. It also can take months just to land an interview, but don’t worry, I’ve got 5 basic things that you can be doing while in college to help make your post-graduation job search a little easier.

1 | This one sucks and truthfully is probably one of the hardest, but Get Out In Your Community & Network! The word networking may make you cringe, but just breathe and remember that networking simply means getting to know people who have the same interests as you. People who work in your desired industry can help you more than anyone else out there because they’ve been there. So get out there and join as many Facebook groups and networking events as you can. It will seriously help!

2 | Intern, Intern, Intern. Try to find and apply for as many internships as you can. Most of them probably won’t be paid, but that’s okay. Internships are for getting some experience in the real world, building relationships, and figuring out if your dream job is something you could actually see yourself doing for the rest of your life. You may be surprised which positions you’re most interested in.

3 | Get A Part-Time Job In Your Industry. This job doesn’t have to be super difficult or exhausting. It actually shouldn’t be either of those things, so that you can still focus on school and not spread yourself too thin. Having some work experience will look amazing on a resume, especially if it’s in your field of work.

4 | Work On Personal Side Projects to use in a portfolio! This not only shows that you know what you’re doing within your field, but it also shows that you can think outside of the box. Getting a business degree? Create your own business along with a business plan. Getting a marketing degree? Create a new product and a unique marketing campaign for that product. It will take time, dedication, imagination, and most importantly patience, but aren’t employers looking for all of things in an employee? Yes! Plus you have additional projects and experience to show in your interview!

5 | Don’t Work Yourself Too Hard. If you are in school, this my be the most important thing that I can tell you. Yes, it’s important to take steps in sculpting your post-graduation plan, but it’s also important to enjoy your independence. Make memories, learn who you are, and have fun!

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